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The best mortgage deal for you is entirely dependent on your individual circumstances.

Choosing the right mortgage is crucial and our team at MortgageKey will talk you through all of your options, and explain both the short and longer term impact for you and your family.

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Which Type of Mortgage Shall I Choose?

There are several different kinds of mortgages to choose from and it is important to understand how they will work, given your specific circumstances.

Deposit, your monthly income and expenditure, and the type of property you are buying, must all be taken into consideration, helping to identify the best mortgage type for you.

The main types of mortgage deals are as follows;

Tracker Mortgage Deals

A tracker mortgage tracks the Bank of England interest base rate, applies it, and adds an additional set percentage rate. So, if you select a mortgage deal with a 2.5% set percentage rate from the lender and the Bank of England’s base rate was 0.3%, your payable mortgage deal would be 2.8%. However, if the base rate dropped as low as 0.15%, you would benefit from a reduced monthly mortgage rate. The same of course applies if the base rate rises, making it more costly.

Fixed Rate Mortgage Deals

Fixed rate mortgages bring peace of mind and stability as you know you’ll be paying the same amount each month, regardless of what’s happening to the Bank of England base rate or the property market. A set rate is agreed for a certain period when the mortgage is taken out, typically lasting between two and five years. It is possible to fix it for longer, should you want to, however, it’s advisable to assess the market every so often to see if you can secure a better mortgage deal.

Discounted Mortgages

Discounted mortgages offer an upfront discount off the lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR). This is usually for the first few years of your mortgage deal, before it switches back to the SVR. Your lender’s SVR is subject to change, making your payments increase or decrease throughout the term of your mortgage deal.

Capped Mortgage Deals

A capped rate mortgage is a variable rate, so your monthly repayments can fluctuate. However, the rate can be capped so that it will never go above a certain limit. You may choose this mortgage deal, if you are under the impression that mortgage rates will fall, so you can reap the rewards. But, at the same time, you want that added protection, so that there’s a cap in-case they increase.

Offset Mortgage Deals

An offset mortgage uses any savings to reduce the amount of interest you pay overall. Imagine you have a £250,000 mortgage and £45,000 in savings. You can offset these savings against your mortgage so that you only pay interest on £205,000 of your mortgage deal. The savings are still accessible whenever you choose, but that’s what makes rates on offset mortgages slightly higher than standard mortgages.

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    Paul Hennessy
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    Bob hope
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  • I have been dealing with Georgia Hardcastle at Mortgage Key, she is so helpful and have explained everything to me. I am a first time buyer and I was ...
    Pedro Amaral
  • Extremely professional service and courteous staff.
    Mr. Michael Rundle-Brown
  • Mortgagekey are an excellent mortgage broker service. Secured a mortgage with a high street lender within 4 weeks from DIP to full offer. Our case was...
  • Brilliant service, can’t fault
    Aimi Buchanan
  • My broker Rory was able to get me a mortgage where others had failed.A credit to the company.
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  • We recently used Mortgage Key. Everything was straight forward and done quickly, from the initial quote to receiving the mortgage offer we were kept...
  • A really good service, Quick and efficient, no stress at all. Knowledgeable staff, who were a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend them and defini...
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